Friday, December 31, 2010

Recipie for chocolate

Thursday morning. Daddy is in the shower. Goobs is upstairs in his crib playing while Daddy takes his shower. Bean is downstairs playing. Mommy is in the basement. There is commotion in the living room where Bean is playing.

Daddy: (Dripping wet and in a towel, he came to make sure that things were ok) "What's going on down here?"

Bean: (Moving three empty laundry baskets around, lifting them in the air, throwing them down and then jumping in them) "I'm just working at the factory."

Daddy: "Oh, what kind of factory?"

Bean: "I'm making chocolate. First you take animal poop, then that gets turned into sand. Then the sand gets turned into people and you make the people into chocolate."

Daddy: "Oh, wow. "

Bean: "Daddy, that is how you make chocolate. Didn't you know."

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