Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today Mommy, Daddy, Bean and Goobs all went to Target. Mommy and Goobs shopped for stocking gifts for Daddy and the boys. Daddy and Bean shopped for stocking gifts for Mommy. The met up back up after going through the checkout lines. They are in the car driving home.

Daddy: "We got you some good stuff Mommy. I think you'll like it. Right Bean?"

Bean is silent. Thinking.

Mommy: "I kind of got distracted shopping for the boys. I think I only got two little things for your stocking. Hopefully Santa will bring you something."

Bean: "Mommy!" (He seems as if he is going to say something, then he stops talking suddenly, as if he is trying to hold something back. Mommy and Daddy wonder what he was going to say, but they go back to thier conversation.)

Mommy: "Well, Santa is ususally pretty kind to you. I think you will make out OK this Christmas."

Bean: (Very quietly Mommy can hear Bean begin to talk. She can't make out what he says until...) "....and we got you some bubble stuff. Oh Mommy, I'm trying to keep it a secret but it keeps wanting to come out."

Bean has been in the back seat like a volcano waiting to errupt. He isn't very good at keeping information to himself, and trying to keep a surprise from Mommy is a near impossible task.

Daddy: "Don't tell her more. We want to her be surprised."

Bean: "I'm trying to keep it a secret Daddy. I won't tell her anymore."

Daddy: "OK. Don't say anymore."

Bean: "OK, but Mommy! It smells like Watermelon!"

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