Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's Monday morning and Mommy is getting Bean dressed for school.

Mommy: "Before we go to school we need to comb that hair. It is a little out of control today."

Bean: (Thinks for a moment then nods his head) "My hairs must be up to something."

Mommy: "What? What does that mean?"

Bean: "My hair isn't doing what it is supposed to do. So, it must be up to something."

Mommy: "I'll tell you what it's up to. It's up to being very messy and we need to comb it."

Bean: "Do you know how I knew my hair was up to something Mommy?"

Mommy: "How? How did you know your hair was up to something?"

Bean: "Because I used my thinking face. When I use my thinking face I know things."

Mommy: "Well, it is a good thing you have your thinking face. Otherwise you wouldn't know anything. Can I take a picture of your thinking face?"

Bean: "Not right now, I don't have anything I need to know now."

Mommy: "Oh, OK. Well, let me know when you are going to think about something."

Bean: "OK Mommy. I'll let 'cha know."


  1. Oh, what a face! I love it! I'm sure the thinks some pretty good thoughts with that face :)

  2. wat a good face