Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mommy has just awoken. She is still bleary eyed from the Imitrex she took the night before to get rid of a migraine. She just needs a cup of coffee and everything will be OK. She carries Goobs downstairs and Bean is hanging onto her night gown as they walk down the stairs. Bean and Goobs of course are wide awake and ready to start the day.

Mommy puts down Goobs and goes down to the basement to get a new bag of Cheerios. She comes back upstairs and sees that Daddy has already gotten a new bag and it is on the table.

Mommy goes to the fridge to get the milk. Bean goes to the table and sits. Goobs heads straight for the open bag of Cheerios sitting on the table.

Bean: (Screaming and crying from the dining room) "Oh No! Mommy! Goobs got the Cheerios! Oh Mommy I'm so hungry! What will we do!"

Mommy comes rushing into the dining room and finds this:

Goobs: (Looks at Mommy and very matter-of-factly says ) "Tweetos" (his word for Cheerios).

He then lays down in the Tweetos and starts flinging them all over, while singing "Tweetos" over and over.

Mommy sighs. She is too tired to get mad. She sees the camera, shrugs her shoulders and takes a picture. She puts the dog upstairs (the vacuum and he are mortal enemies) and she gets the vacuum out. She then takes Goobs upstairs and puts him in the bathroom with Daddy who is in the shower. She comes back downstairs and finds Bean sitting among the floor tweetios.

Mommy: "Why are you sitting in the Cheerios. That is going to make more of a mess. Please get up."

Bean: "Mommy, I will just stay here and tell you how to clean them up the correct way."

Mommy: "Oh, you are going to tell me the correct way to do things huh? Well, whatever, just don't get in the way of the vacuum."

Mommy starts up the vacuum. She then looks up at Bean (who is wearing his bike helmet, only God knows why) and he is yelling something at her. She can't hear because of the vacuum, so she turns it off.

Bean: (Still yelling, not realizing he doesn't have to anymore, he points to the floor that is covered, completely covered, with Cheerios) "Mommy, you missed one there." He bends down and points to one Cheerio in a pile of thousands.

Mommy: " Uh, thanks. I'll be sure to get that one."

Mommy finishes vacuuming and she goes upstairs to get Goobs so Daddy can finish getting dressed for work.

Daddy: "He wasn't very happy with you putting him up here."

Mommy: "Oh, really? Is it because he wanted to roll around in the Cheerios on the floor some more?"

Then Mommy looked down and saw this:

and she actually felt a little bad that she had cleaned up all the Tweetios and spoiled his fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Day?

It's Tuesday. Tuesday is Mommy's work day. Mommom and Poppop come to the house and watch the boys while Mommy goes to work. Today Poppop came to pick Bean and Goobs up and take them back to their house for the day. 9:00 am and Mommy is helping Poppop load the boys into his car. Mommy kisses them goodbye and watches as they drive off. Mommy walks into the house.

Mommy is a little ashamed of the thoughts that went through her head when she entered the empty quiet house. Is that a tickle in my throat?" she thought to herself. "Maybe I have a sinus headache." "Do I have a little stomach ace?" She was trying to find something, anything wrong with her to justify a sick day.

She couldn't stop thinking about the pile of gifts that she wants to finish in her sewing room. Or the knitting bag which is full of items screaming to be worked on while sitting in front of the television watching day-time tv.

There she stood in the doorway. Listening to the silence and soaking up emptiness. No one would be the wiser if she just stayed home. Nothing important was going on at work today. No one would miss her. She could have a whole day to herself.

Then Ernie walked up behind her and nudged her with his nose, pushing her toward the door. He whined.

Mommy: (Looking at Ernie) "What's your deal. Should I stay home today or what?"

Ernie let out a bark at Mommy and gave her another nudge toward the door.

Mommy can take a hint. Apparently Ernie needs his alone time as well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bath Time

What's better than this?

Not much.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Sunday night. 10:30 pm. Mommy is upstairs taking her shower and getting ready for bed. Daddy is downstairs reading. Usually about this time Bean makes his way into Mommy's room and settles himself in her bed. When he does this, Daddy and Ernie will sleep in Bean's room because then Daddy doesn't have to sleep with someone's feet in his back all night.  For a long time, Mommy thought this was a bad idea. But then a friend pointed out that if everyone is sleeping well what was wrong with it. Mommy thought a lot about this and decided that this arrangement really is nothing but positive. Bean sleeps well because he is with Mommy and he never has a night terror when he is with her. (Any of you parents who have experienced these at 2:00am know what a relief this is.) Daddy sleeps well because he isn't worried about keeping Mommy awake with his snoring and he isn't constantly being punched during the night because he is keeping Mommy awake. And, Mommy sleeps well because she isn't listening for Bean, waiting for a dreaded night terror, and she doesn't have to listen to Daddy or Ernie's snoring.

Bean always starts out the night in his room. Tonight he is still in there when Daddy comes up to bed. So, Daddy and Ernie come into Mommy's room and she wakes up immediately.

Mommy: "Oh, you aren't Bean. Weird. Well, I guess he is content. I'm not going to bother him. Goodnight."

Daddy: "I am sure that as soon as we start to drift off to sleep he will come in."

Mommy and Daddy lay there for a while. About 15 minutes later...

Mommy: "Are you asleep?"

Daddy: "No."

Mommy: "Me either. It's too quiet. Do you think they are alive."

Daddy: "Do you want to go check."

Mommy: "No way. Just weird how quiet it is."

Mommy continues to lay there. The silence continues. All Mommy can hear is the very quiet hum of the humidifier that she paid extra for because it was supposed to be so quiet. And it is quiet. A little too quiet. It is unnerving.

Mommy: "Are you awake?"

No response. Daddy is clearly asleep, but Mommy can't even hear him breathing, let alone snoring. Ernie is completely silent. Mommy listens very closely for some noise from either of the boys rooms. Nothing. Silence. Mommy lays there wide eyed and completely awake.

Finally around 1:00 am Mommy falls asleep. She wakes again at 2:00 am. Still no noise from anyone. Then she wakes at 3:15 am and listens. Nothing. She pokes Daddy to make sure he is alive. He rolls over, silently. 4:30 am Mommy wakes again. She gets up to go to the bathroom. She stands at the doors of both boys and listens. Nothing. Total and complete silence. She goes back to bed and lays there. Still listening to the nerve shattering silence. Has it come to this? Is she so used to the complete chaos and general ruckus that this kind of silence actually prevents her from sleeping.

Then, Ernie rolls over and starts having one of this whimpering-in-his-sleep dreams. Mommy hears his nails scratch on the hard wood floor as he rolls over. Well, at least the Dog is alive.

Mommy manages to sleep solid from 4:30 to 6:30 am, until Bean walks in.

Bean: "Mommy is it morning?"

Mommy: "Hmm. Mmmm. Yes, I guess it is. Do you want to come and get in with me and maybe we could sleep for another 30 minutes or so until Goobs gets up."

Bean: "No Mommy. I am awake. I feel very well rested."

At least someone is.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smelly Mommy

Goobs has been sick for 4 days. Fever, chills, runny nose, cough. He hasn't been eating much, so Mommy has been giving him a little extra in his evening bottle (Mommy's last link to her baby).

On the first night after his evening bottle, he promptly projectile vomited the entire bottle up along with the blueberries Mommy managed to get him to eat for dinner. Unfortunately for Mommy, she happened to be holding Goobs at the time and so she was puked on as well. Later that evening, after everyone is finally settled, Daddy and Mommy are sitting on the couch watching TV. Daddy leans over to give Mommy a kiss.

Daddy: "Um, you kinda still smell like puke. Did you change your clothes?"

Mommy: (Slightly offended that her husband is telling her she smells) "Yes! I don't smell it. Is it in my hair? "
Daddy: "I don't know. Gross. How do you not smell that? I would have taken a shower or something."
Mommy just shrugs and goes back to watching TV. She figures it will all come out, wherever it is, during her evening shower.

On the second night, the same thing happens. Goobs loses his entire bottle. Mommy again is puked on. Not just a little puke, but a good soaking puke. Later that night she is downstairs at her computer.

Mommy: (Starts sniffing. She smells puke. She changed her clothes, washed her hands. She can't figure out where the smell is coming from. She turns to Daddy) "Do you smell like puke or is it me?"

Daddy: (Not wanting to say anything after the last night) "Um, I don't smell anything"

Mommy: "Hmmm. Maybe I just have puke on the brain."

Daddy: (Wisely remains slient)

The third night, Goobs pukes again. This time, he does it just as Mommy is putting him into his crib for bed. He manages to throw up all over himself, Mommy (including her socks and slippers) the crib, crib bedding and his wall. Mommy takes all her clothes off and puts them in a pile with everything else. She puts on fresh clothes and let's Daddy finish putting Goobs to bed while she goes in to put Bean to bed. She lays down on Beans bed to read him his stories.

Bean: (Starts smelling the air) "Mommy. What's that smell? I smell something stinky." (He starts sniffing at her.)

Mommy: (Not at all amused. She can handle her fair share of puke, but a full on puke soaking three nights in a row is a little much.) "It's me. I smell. I smell like throw up, OK. I'm Mommy and I smell like throw up because Goobs threw up on me."

Bean: "I think it smells stinky Mommy. I don't like how throw up smells. Change your clothes Mommy."

Mommy: "I did but the smell seems to be lingering. Do you want Daddy to read you your stories if I am too smelly for you."

Bean: "That's ok Mommy, I will just hold my nose, like this."

Bean pinches his nose shut and remains that way the entire time Mommy reads him his stories. So much for Mommy's self esteem.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mommy's Top Ten

Daddy has been home on vacation for a week. The house is full and crazy messy from all the living that has taken place in it. The week started off with Mommy and Bean being sick and it has ended with Goobs being sick and running a fever and up all night. It's been a long, close week. All of this time together has gotten Mommy thinking about why it is she loves Daddy so very much. This blog is mostly about Bean and Goobs, but there wouldn't be any Bean and Goobs without Daddy and he is a main character in all of this. So, the first post of 2011 is dedicated to Daddy.

Top Ten Reasons Mommy Loves Daddy:

10. He willingly does all the laundry. Smarchy toddler underware and all.

9. He will search for an hour (an hour people!) for a lost green toy helicopter.

8. He does the dinner dishes while Mommy gets to sew, every night without fail.

7. When he finds an interesting looking rock on the ground, he puts it in his pocket. Just like he did when she met him at 18.

6. He still takes pictures of weird things like Nyquil tablets and dead bugs. Mommy will be going through pictures of the boys from her camera when she comes across pictures of a dead bird or a weird looking plant.

5. When Goobs is sick, Daddy is willing to sleep in the other room with him so Goobs's little, sick, stuffy head can be propped up. And, when Goobs wakes up in a fever dream haze and says "Dada, Dada" with a reassured tone in his voice because Daddy is laying right there next to him, it makes Mommy's heart melt because already little Goobs realizes how lucky he is to have a daddy like Daddy.

4. Daddy let's Mommy sleep in on mornings that he doesn't have to go to work and even gives everyone breakfast. All you other mothers out there know what a huge deal this is.

3. When Mommy suggests getting a new, flat screen TV for Daddy, he says "If we are going to spend the money, I think you would probably enjoy a new stove or sewing machine more than I would a new TV."

2. He always makes Mommy feel like she is capable of doing anything. For some reason he has complete faith in her abilities. Since Mommy doubts herself at least 20 times a day, this is significant.

1. He loves her. And it really is something to be loved by someone who choose you over everyone else.