Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mommy's Top Ten

Daddy has been home on vacation for a week. The house is full and crazy messy from all the living that has taken place in it. The week started off with Mommy and Bean being sick and it has ended with Goobs being sick and running a fever and up all night. It's been a long, close week. All of this time together has gotten Mommy thinking about why it is she loves Daddy so very much. This blog is mostly about Bean and Goobs, but there wouldn't be any Bean and Goobs without Daddy and he is a main character in all of this. So, the first post of 2011 is dedicated to Daddy.

Top Ten Reasons Mommy Loves Daddy:

10. He willingly does all the laundry. Smarchy toddler underware and all.

9. He will search for an hour (an hour people!) for a lost green toy helicopter.

8. He does the dinner dishes while Mommy gets to sew, every night without fail.

7. When he finds an interesting looking rock on the ground, he puts it in his pocket. Just like he did when she met him at 18.

6. He still takes pictures of weird things like Nyquil tablets and dead bugs. Mommy will be going through pictures of the boys from her camera when she comes across pictures of a dead bird or a weird looking plant.

5. When Goobs is sick, Daddy is willing to sleep in the other room with him so Goobs's little, sick, stuffy head can be propped up. And, when Goobs wakes up in a fever dream haze and says "Dada, Dada" with a reassured tone in his voice because Daddy is laying right there next to him, it makes Mommy's heart melt because already little Goobs realizes how lucky he is to have a daddy like Daddy.

4. Daddy let's Mommy sleep in on mornings that he doesn't have to go to work and even gives everyone breakfast. All you other mothers out there know what a huge deal this is.

3. When Mommy suggests getting a new, flat screen TV for Daddy, he says "If we are going to spend the money, I think you would probably enjoy a new stove or sewing machine more than I would a new TV."

2. He always makes Mommy feel like she is capable of doing anything. For some reason he has complete faith in her abilities. Since Mommy doubts herself at least 20 times a day, this is significant.

1. He loves her. And it really is something to be loved by someone who choose you over everyone else.

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