Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Day?

It's Tuesday. Tuesday is Mommy's work day. Mommom and Poppop come to the house and watch the boys while Mommy goes to work. Today Poppop came to pick Bean and Goobs up and take them back to their house for the day. 9:00 am and Mommy is helping Poppop load the boys into his car. Mommy kisses them goodbye and watches as they drive off. Mommy walks into the house.

Mommy is a little ashamed of the thoughts that went through her head when she entered the empty quiet house. Is that a tickle in my throat?" she thought to herself. "Maybe I have a sinus headache." "Do I have a little stomach ace?" She was trying to find something, anything wrong with her to justify a sick day.

She couldn't stop thinking about the pile of gifts that she wants to finish in her sewing room. Or the knitting bag which is full of items screaming to be worked on while sitting in front of the television watching day-time tv.

There she stood in the doorway. Listening to the silence and soaking up emptiness. No one would be the wiser if she just stayed home. Nothing important was going on at work today. No one would miss her. She could have a whole day to herself.

Then Ernie walked up behind her and nudged her with his nose, pushing her toward the door. He whined.

Mommy: (Looking at Ernie) "What's your deal. Should I stay home today or what?"

Ernie let out a bark at Mommy and gave her another nudge toward the door.

Mommy can take a hint. Apparently Ernie needs his alone time as well.

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