Monday, January 10, 2011


Sunday night. 10:30 pm. Mommy is upstairs taking her shower and getting ready for bed. Daddy is downstairs reading. Usually about this time Bean makes his way into Mommy's room and settles himself in her bed. When he does this, Daddy and Ernie will sleep in Bean's room because then Daddy doesn't have to sleep with someone's feet in his back all night.  For a long time, Mommy thought this was a bad idea. But then a friend pointed out that if everyone is sleeping well what was wrong with it. Mommy thought a lot about this and decided that this arrangement really is nothing but positive. Bean sleeps well because he is with Mommy and he never has a night terror when he is with her. (Any of you parents who have experienced these at 2:00am know what a relief this is.) Daddy sleeps well because he isn't worried about keeping Mommy awake with his snoring and he isn't constantly being punched during the night because he is keeping Mommy awake. And, Mommy sleeps well because she isn't listening for Bean, waiting for a dreaded night terror, and she doesn't have to listen to Daddy or Ernie's snoring.

Bean always starts out the night in his room. Tonight he is still in there when Daddy comes up to bed. So, Daddy and Ernie come into Mommy's room and she wakes up immediately.

Mommy: "Oh, you aren't Bean. Weird. Well, I guess he is content. I'm not going to bother him. Goodnight."

Daddy: "I am sure that as soon as we start to drift off to sleep he will come in."

Mommy and Daddy lay there for a while. About 15 minutes later...

Mommy: "Are you asleep?"

Daddy: "No."

Mommy: "Me either. It's too quiet. Do you think they are alive."

Daddy: "Do you want to go check."

Mommy: "No way. Just weird how quiet it is."

Mommy continues to lay there. The silence continues. All Mommy can hear is the very quiet hum of the humidifier that she paid extra for because it was supposed to be so quiet. And it is quiet. A little too quiet. It is unnerving.

Mommy: "Are you awake?"

No response. Daddy is clearly asleep, but Mommy can't even hear him breathing, let alone snoring. Ernie is completely silent. Mommy listens very closely for some noise from either of the boys rooms. Nothing. Silence. Mommy lays there wide eyed and completely awake.

Finally around 1:00 am Mommy falls asleep. She wakes again at 2:00 am. Still no noise from anyone. Then she wakes at 3:15 am and listens. Nothing. She pokes Daddy to make sure he is alive. He rolls over, silently. 4:30 am Mommy wakes again. She gets up to go to the bathroom. She stands at the doors of both boys and listens. Nothing. Total and complete silence. She goes back to bed and lays there. Still listening to the nerve shattering silence. Has it come to this? Is she so used to the complete chaos and general ruckus that this kind of silence actually prevents her from sleeping.

Then, Ernie rolls over and starts having one of this whimpering-in-his-sleep dreams. Mommy hears his nails scratch on the hard wood floor as he rolls over. Well, at least the Dog is alive.

Mommy manages to sleep solid from 4:30 to 6:30 am, until Bean walks in.

Bean: "Mommy is it morning?"

Mommy: "Hmm. Mmmm. Yes, I guess it is. Do you want to come and get in with me and maybe we could sleep for another 30 minutes or so until Goobs gets up."

Bean: "No Mommy. I am awake. I feel very well rested."

At least someone is.

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