Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mommy has just awoken. She is still bleary eyed from the Imitrex she took the night before to get rid of a migraine. She just needs a cup of coffee and everything will be OK. She carries Goobs downstairs and Bean is hanging onto her night gown as they walk down the stairs. Bean and Goobs of course are wide awake and ready to start the day.

Mommy puts down Goobs and goes down to the basement to get a new bag of Cheerios. She comes back upstairs and sees that Daddy has already gotten a new bag and it is on the table.

Mommy goes to the fridge to get the milk. Bean goes to the table and sits. Goobs heads straight for the open bag of Cheerios sitting on the table.

Bean: (Screaming and crying from the dining room) "Oh No! Mommy! Goobs got the Cheerios! Oh Mommy I'm so hungry! What will we do!"

Mommy comes rushing into the dining room and finds this:

Goobs: (Looks at Mommy and very matter-of-factly says ) "Tweetos" (his word for Cheerios).

He then lays down in the Tweetos and starts flinging them all over, while singing "Tweetos" over and over.

Mommy sighs. She is too tired to get mad. She sees the camera, shrugs her shoulders and takes a picture. She puts the dog upstairs (the vacuum and he are mortal enemies) and she gets the vacuum out. She then takes Goobs upstairs and puts him in the bathroom with Daddy who is in the shower. She comes back downstairs and finds Bean sitting among the floor tweetios.

Mommy: "Why are you sitting in the Cheerios. That is going to make more of a mess. Please get up."

Bean: "Mommy, I will just stay here and tell you how to clean them up the correct way."

Mommy: "Oh, you are going to tell me the correct way to do things huh? Well, whatever, just don't get in the way of the vacuum."

Mommy starts up the vacuum. She then looks up at Bean (who is wearing his bike helmet, only God knows why) and he is yelling something at her. She can't hear because of the vacuum, so she turns it off.

Bean: (Still yelling, not realizing he doesn't have to anymore, he points to the floor that is covered, completely covered, with Cheerios) "Mommy, you missed one there." He bends down and points to one Cheerio in a pile of thousands.

Mommy: " Uh, thanks. I'll be sure to get that one."

Mommy finishes vacuuming and she goes upstairs to get Goobs so Daddy can finish getting dressed for work.

Daddy: "He wasn't very happy with you putting him up here."

Mommy: "Oh, really? Is it because he wanted to roll around in the Cheerios on the floor some more?"

Then Mommy looked down and saw this:

and she actually felt a little bad that she had cleaned up all the Tweetios and spoiled his fun.

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