Saturday, February 12, 2011


Friday night. Almost time for Daddy to come home. Bean, Goobs and Mommy are all in the family room reading stories, playing and quietly enjoying each others company. Everyone is fed and happy. Things are actually a little peaceful. Then they hear Daddy's car pull in the driveway.

Bean: (Screaming at the top of this lungs) "Daddy's Home! I hear Daddy! Quick Hide!"

Goobs: "Da Da. Ahh! Hide! (Screaming ensues)

Ernie: "Bark! Bark! Bark!

Needless to say, even though she is happy to see Daddy at the end of a day, this is one of her least favorite times of the day because the whole house becomes very, very loud.

Ernie: "Whine, Bark, Howl, Bark, Bark, Bark."

Bean and Goobs, along with Ernie, run up the stairs to hind under the covers on Mommy and Daddy's bed and surprise Daddy when he comes in to change his clothes. Bean hides under the covers, Goobs stands at the side of the bed screaming "hide" and Ernie jumps on the bed barking at Bean under the covers.

Daddy enters the room. It is dark, because Bean turned the lights off, but the noise leaves Daddy no doubt where everyone is.

Daddy: "Oh No! Where is my family? Where could everyone be?"

Bean and Goobs both yell surprise, and start running around the upstairs, screaming. They aren't screaming anything in particular. They are just screaming for screaming sake. Mommy doesn't usually allow this kind of behavior inside. But it is 6:25 pm by now and she only has to endure it for 5 more minutes before bath and bedtime starts. She has also laid down on the bed (big mistake) and she can't seem to pry herself up.

Daddy: "Should we be letting them run around like this screaming?"

Mommy: "Well, at least they are doing it together and not fighting. They are kinda playing together. I'm too tired. I'm sick of my voice today. I feel like I have been saying 'no!' and 'stop it!' all day. I'm sitting this one out. Your call."

Daddy: "Well, I'll go start the bath. By the time i get my clothes changed it will be time for bed anyway."

Daddy goes to start the bath and then comes back in to change his clothes. Mommy and Daddy are about 4 sentences into a conversation when Mommy realizes it's quiet.

Mommy: "Where are they?"

Daddy: (Goes rushing into the bathroom) "Um, Mommy. You might want to get the camera."

This can't be good.

According to Bean, it was Goobs' idea and he only agreed to it after Goobs went in, shoes and all.

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