Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Helper Too Many

This morning Mommy looked up at the ceiling fan in her kitchen and was a little disgusted by the amount of dust that had accumulated on it. Mommy decided that before they ran their errands, she would get the vacuum out and clean the fan.

Mommy: "OK, I need to vacuum in the kitchen. Bean, can you be a helper and just sit on the couch."

Mommy goes to the closet and gets out the vacuum. Ernie comes and stands at the closet door and begins to bark. Then, as the vacuum is emerging from the closet, he make and attempt to attack it. He manages to bite the hose.

Mommy: "Honestly Ernie, it isn't even on yet. Please. Back up."

Goobs: (Running over to the vacuum) "Vacuum. Vacuum. Mama Up."

Goobs then wraps himself around Mommy's leg. Ernie continues to bark at the vacuum.

Meanwhile, Bean has been putting on his fire fighter outfit, complete with helmet. He is now standing directly behind Mommy.

Bean: (Making motions as if he is directing traffic) "OK everyone, stand back. Break it up, break it up. Keep back. Danger."

Bean then proceeds to try and 'move' (push) Goobs out of the way. Ernie has now placed himself between Mommy's legs and is still barking and growling at the vacuum. The closet door is still open. Goobs has the brush attachment and is now making vacuum sounds and pretending to vacuum the dog.

Mommy: "Please! Could everyone please back up and go to the other side of the room. I just want to get the vacuum out for heavens sake. Can't I even get it out of the closet?!"

Bean: (Still directing traffic) "Back it up please. Please stand back. Danger." (He is now attempting to move the dog, who isn't having any of it.)

Goobs: (Tugging at Mommy's pants) "Mama, up. Mama uuuuuuuuuuuppppp!"

Ernie now grabs a firm hold on the base of the vacuum causing it to come crashing down on Mommy's foot.

Mommy sighs, looks at the ceiling fan in her kitchen again and turns it on. She figures she won't be able to see the dust on it anymore as it turns around.

What are your household task disasters? Please do tell. My house is a mess and I need some consoling.

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  1. Great story, Alli! I feel like this is my life every time I try and get stuff done around the house. Sometimes it just isn't worth it. Kudos to you for not losing your temper- sometimes I get so frustrated and just want to tell everyone to go away and leave me alone :(

    As far as disasters go, today I was baking bread and needed to pour boiling water into a pan on the bottom of the oven once the bread went in the oven (the steam helps make the crust crispy). I forgot that I needed to use a metal pan instead of pyrex, and when I poured the water into the pan the pyrex exploded inside the oven, spewing glass and hot water all over the kitchen floor. Awesome. Especially considering I had just finished mopping the kitchen 20 minutes earlier. But at least the boys were asleep.