Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Bean and Daddy are in the family room listening to a CD.

Bean: "Daddy, is music invisible?" (Bean has been obsessed with the idea of something being able to exist but not be visible.)

Daddy: Yes, you can hear music but you can't see it, so it's invisible."

Bean: (Thinking on this) "What about love Daddy?  Is love invisible?"

Daddy: "Yep, love is invisible, but we know it is there because we feel it, right?"

Bean: "Yes Daddy."

Mommy comes into the family room and hands Goobs to Daddy.

Mommy: "I need to use the bathroom. Can you hang onto Goobs for a second. He is being really clingy."

Daddy: "Sure"

Mommy goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. The bathroom is attached to the family room. Daddy puts down Goobs down and he runs straight to the bathroom door.

Goobs: "Mama! In! Mama! Goobs! In! Mama! Up!" (The wailing and crying continues while Goobs bangs on the bathroom door.)

Goob manages to get the door open and there is Mommy. Daddy and Bean are still in the family room and as soon as Bean sees the bathroom door open he runs in. The bathroom is very small. Daddy is sitting in the family room alone and Bean and Goobs are crowded in the bathroom with Mommy. Goobs is trying to climb on Mommy's lap and Bean is trying to climb on the sink so he can play with the water. Mommy glares at Daddy.

Daddy: "Hey Bean, do you know what else is invisible?"

Bean: "What Daddy?"

Daddy: "Mommy's Privacy."

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