Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sir Bean

Bean is into knights. He watched one Backyardigans in which they were knights and he was sold. It is Saturday morning, and they are all eating pancakes.

Bean: "Mommy, do you have any metal?"

Mommy: "What? Metal? What do you mean, 'Do I have metal'?

Bean: "Extra metal Mommy. I want some metal so I can make something."

Mommy does a quick brain scan trying to figure out what Bean could possibly want to make with metal.

Daddy: (Having been a 4 year old boy himself once, Daddy understands perfectly what is going on) "Does this have anything to do with a suit of armor?"

Bean: "Yes! I need some metal to make some armor. I need a sword and a shield and a helmet. I think we can use the crin toil Mommy."

Mommy: "What? What is crin toil?"

Bean: "Mommy, the crin toil that you use in the kitchen."

Mommy: "Oh, the tin foil. It's called tin foil. Maybe you could use that. Cardboard covered with tin foil would look like armor."

So Daddy, being the especially wonderful and creative Daddy that he is, spent the morning making a suit of armor, a sword, a shield (made from one of Mommy's round pizza pans) and a helmet (a bowl covered in tin foil).

Bean comes running upstairs to show Mommy his new costume.

Bean: Mommy! I'm a knight! (He stands in front of Mommy, and then with perfect poise as if he has actually been trained, he bows to Mommy.)

Mommy: (Slightly taken aback because the bow was actually really good and he is so cute) "Oh wow! My knight in shining armor. Hello Knight Bean."

Bean: "No Mommy. It's Sir Bean. You call a knight Sir."

Mommy: "Right, well excuse me. But, I'm Queen Mommy so I can call you whatever I want."

Bean: "No, I don't think you should be Queen Mommy. You are just a person. We can pretend that the Queen is someone else."

Mommy: "That's not much fun. I'm regular Mommy all the time."

Bean: "I didn't say regular Mommy, I said regular Person. You aren't Mommy. I'm Sir Bean, and I'm in charge."

Mommy let Sir Bean continue under the assumption that she was no longer Mommy, but merely a regular person until lunch time, when she made Sir Bean de-knight himself and come to the lunch table.

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