Friday, May 27, 2011


Friday night. Mommy is on the phone with Mommom.

Mommom: "I forgot to tell you. The other day when I was over there I think I saw some fleas. I thought maybe you might want to check Ernie. "

Mommy: "Fleas? Really? That's weird. Ernie never usually gets them. He is hardly outside."

Mommy's mind starts to run away with her. Ernie has been very itchy lately. They thought it was just the seasonal allergies he usually get every spring, but now that she thinks about it, it has gone on for a while. Mommy's head feels itchy so she itches it. Great. Even though Ernie isn't allowed on the furniture or the beds, Mommy is usually too distracted with the rugrats to keep an eye on Ernie let alone reprimand him if he quietly goes and lays down somewhere he isn't supposed to. That means if he does have fleas they are on all the beds and couches. Mommy's itches her arm.

Mommy: "Kay, thanks. I better go."

Mommy itches her leg then calls up to Daddy. He comes down to the basement.

Mommy: "So, that was my Mom and she said that she saw some fleas the other day. Can you check Ernie."

Daddy: "I give him his medicine every month. He shouldn't have fleas." Daddy itches his head, then looks at Mommy a little worried. "I 'll go check."

Mommy sits down in the itchy basement and waits for Daddy to return.

Daddy: "I didn't see any thing on him. Just his rashy parts from the allergies. I just gave him some more Benedryl."

Mommy: "I knew he didn't have fleas. That would have been weird."

Daddy: "Do you think they came from the boys?"

Mommy: "The fleas?"

Daddy: "Well, the bugs. Maybe they weren't fleas. Maybe they were just bugs. Don't kids get bugs?"

Mommy and Daddy just look at each other with a bit of a frightened look on their faces. Then they both give a sort of unconvinced half-laugh, because their kids wouldn't have bugs, would they?

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