Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy's First Giveaway

Mommy's sister Bethie sent her some Liberty of London fabric for Mommy's birthday. Bethie got it for Mommy during her last excursion to London and made Mommy promise that she would make something for herself with it, and not give it away. So, Mommy made herself a beautiful new little lap quilt.

Bean is sitting on the couch watching a show during a short rest time when Mommy comes in and sits on the couch with Bean so that she can work on the binding of her new lovely, girly, purple quilt.

Bean: "Oh Mommy, that is soooo pretty."

Mommy: "Thanks. It's from the fabric Aunt Bethie sent me."

Bean: "Oh Mommy! Is it for me?"

Mommy: "No, actually it is for me. I finally made myself a quilt. This is just for me."

Bean: "I think you should share it with me Mommy."

Mommy: (Wondering where the whole sharing thing ends and how to let him know that the fact that she shared her uterus with him for 9 months and her breasts with him for a full year means she doesn't really have to share anything with him ever again if she chooses not to.) "Well, no. I'm not going to share it with you. This quilt is just for me. I made it for myself. I already made you your own quilt. It's upstairs. If you would really like another one, we can talk about that. But this is mine. I'm not sharing it with you."

Bean: (Frowning at Mommy like she often does at him) "Mommy, (insert dramatic pause) that's selfish and selfish isn't nice."

Mommy furrows her own brow. She is determined not to cave. This quilt is made out of Liberty of London fabric. $36 a yard. It's hard to come by here in the States. Mommy wasn't about to part with it, even if it was selfish.

Mommy: "Well, I guess I am being selfish. This was a gift to me from Aunt Bethie and I really love it. I want to keep it for myself."

Mommy hears herself say these things and realizes that she does in fact sound pretty selfish and for a moment she actually considers handing the quilt over to Bean. Then she looks around and realizes that she has shared her body, her brain and her entire life with these little rug-rats and that they should be grateful.

Mommy: "Yeah, I'm keeping it. But maybe you can borrow it."

So in order to keep Mommy's selfishness at bay, she is giving away a little zipper bag (like the ones she sells on etsy) made with some of the Liberty of London fabric. It's perfect for your little lips glosses or chap sticks. Just leave a comment reassuring Mommy that she isn't a horrible selfish mother or telling why you are a selfish Mommy and you will be entered into the drawing. Leave comments by 11:50 pm Saturday May 14th and I will draw the winner at random and post who won.

Here's to being selfish!


  1. awww.....all us mommies have had moments just like that!!!!! Stick to your gut on this one! You share everything else!

  2. You're not a horrible selfish mommy!! Never!! I, however, have been known to buy myself exhorbitant amounts of yarn. All for me. :)

  3. Never selfish! and the more comments we leave the better chance we have?????

  4. PS it's jen and I think it's super cute.

  5. selfish- no. hilarious-yes ;). you crack me up every time al. the pouch is super-adorable too! fingers crossed :).

  6. You are not selfish…great compromise in letting Bean borrow it! I'd love to win your mini pouch! I;ll check you out on Etsy if I don't! :)

  7. When I go to the mall, I like to treat myself to cookies from the kiosk, but I always turn the stroller around so the boys can's see what I'm doing and I won't have to share. If Robert asks, I tell him that they have milk in them and he can't have any. So yes, I'm a selfish mommy who purposely buys treats that my child can't consume, and then eat them in front of him (although I do try to hide it...). I think that refusing to share your special blanket is being way nicer than this.