Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, Mommy's first giveway is offically closed and we have a winner. There were 5 comments, left by 4 different readers. I'm thinking that maybe I need to beef up my readership. I could have sworn there were more than 5 people who read this blog, like family (you know who you are sisters, mother, father, aunts) and friends (I swear I have some).

And the winner is:

Kassia (comment #2).

And, if I may say so, she is one lucky lady because the little bag is super cute.

Enjoy Kassia! Watch for more giveaways because even though I didn't have hundreds of comments (I'll admit it was a fantasy I had), it was fun to connect with people and I loved the comments. They did all make me feel much better and that perhaps I'm not as crappy a mother as I sometimes think I am.


  1. i didnt leave a comment because, well you gave a liberty bag for my birthday, which by the way holds my still lip gloss perfectly.

    i did not want to be GREEDY!


  2. i totally meant to leave a comment and then forgot. i also felt a little bad winning a bag when i already have a beautiful one from bethie's shower. can i say how jealous i am of your quilt. i LOVE liberty of london fabric and would love to make something for the kiddos out of it but i just can't pull the trigger. i mean does a three year old need a dress that costs more than my clothes? good call on the quilt- it will last forever. i also think it's really healthy to have some things that are just ours. it keeps us sane:)