Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fuzz Pouch

Ever since Bean was 6 months old, he has been a thumb sucker. At first it all began as a normal thumb sucking thing that just involved his thumb. Around 9 months of age, Bean began to show an affinity for anything fuzzy while he was sucking his thumb. He would hold whatever fuzzy thing he could get his hands on in his fingers, and while sucking his thumb, he would rub the fuzzy thing under his nose. Sometimes it was a corner of his blanket, sometimes a piece of lint. The older he got, the weirder it got. At one point he was stealing clumps of cat or dog hair from the pets whenever they walked by him. Then Mommy knitted a bird for Bean. It was stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Bean picked a hole in the bird and the rest is history. For 2 months (the time it takes to empty a stuffed bird of all it's fill) Mommy would find little fuzz balls all over her house. Bean would pick little bits out and use those to tickle his nose. Mommy didn't replace that bird once it was empty and the habit seemed to stop. That was about 4 months ago.

Recently, Bean found a small hole in the old couch that is in the family room. Slowly and methodically, he has been working his way in and for the last 2 weeks, Mommy has noticed the tell tale sign of this fuzz addiction.

Daddy noticed the hole in the couch getting bigger and the couch cushion getting smaller. He suggested that instead of fighting it, Mommy just make Bean a fuzz pouch and let him at it. Fuzz to his little hearts content.

Mommy: "Alright Bean. Come with me. We are going to make you a fuzz pouch. You can pick out the fabric.

Bean: "But Mommy, it won't be the same kind of fuzz"

Mommy: "Yes it is, It's the stuff you like. Remember your birdie. It's the same fuzz that was in that."

Bean: "You mean you can just get the fuzz? "

Mommy: "Yes, I have a bag of it in the garage. It's for stuffing pillows or anything that needs stuffing. I will use it to make you a fuzz pouch."

Mommy walks out to the garage with Bean and takes a large plastic bag of fiberfill out of a storage tote. Bean's eyes light up. The kid is obviously very happy with this idea.

Mommy and Bean head down to the basement sewing room. Bean picks out some car fabric. Mommy starts us her sewing machine.

Bean: "How will I get the fuzz out Mommy? "

Mommy: "I'm going to make button holes on both sides for you to pick your fuzz out. " Mommy makes the button holes, sews everything together and adds the stuffing. The fuzz pouch is complete.

Mommy: "Here, try it out."

Bean grabs a huge wad of fuzz and sticks his thumb in his mouth. He smiles.

Bean: (Speaking a little muffled, as his thumb is still in his mouth)"Yep, it's good. Perfect. Oh Mommy. I love you so much."

Mommy: (Kinda worried that she is an enabler of some sort and hoping that this isn't some weird habit that she is encouraging) "Yeah? Good. I hope you love it."

Bean: "I do Mommy. But, what will we do when this fuzz is all gone?"

Mommy: "We will just fill it up again from the big bag, and when that is gone I can buy another bag"

Bean: "You mean they just sell those bags of fuzz at a store?"

Mommy: "Yes. They have two aisles of fuzz at the sewing store. All different kinds.  All the fuzz you could ever want."

Bean: "How much fuzz do you think is in that big bag?" Pointing to the large plastic bag  on mommy's sewing table.

Mommy: (Holds here hands out) "Oh, about this much."

Bean: "But How muuuuuuch?"

Mommy: (Realizing that he wants measurements. Something concrete that he can imagine in his head. Since baking measurements are what he knows she says "About 40 cups."

An enormous smile comes over Beans face.

Bean: "40 cups of fuzz. All for me."

He marches himself upstairs and lays down on his bed. Thumb in mouth, completely strung out on fuzz.