Sunday, September 4, 2011


It has come to Mommy's attention that most of the posts on this blog are about Bean. Since this blog is call "The Adventures of Bean and Goobs" Mommy thinks it is only fair that she give more attention the other main character.

Since Goobs recently turned two and is very full of himself, there will no doubt be more telling of the adventures of Goobs. So, now for an introduction: meet Goobs.

Goobs now climbs onto the kitchen counter to reach the key that is on top of the refrigerator to unlock the cupboard under the sink which contains the switch to the garbage disposal.

Goobs plays in the dog water, sits in the dog water, steps in the dog water, throws remote controls in the dog water and drinks the dog water.

Goobs grabs half gallons of milk off the counter before anyone can stop him and runs as fast as his little legs can carry him while dumping the milk and screaming 'buttermillllllllk'.

Goobs wipes off kisses. If Mommy gives him a kiss, he wipes it off and says 'i wiped your kiss off.'

Goobs does whatever he can to annoy Bean which causes Bean to hit, kick, push or bite Goobs and then Mommy has to put Bean in a time out. Then Goobs stands in front of Bean while he is in his time out and says 'you need a time out Bean. You are being nasty.'

Goobs insists on naked time every morning. When he is finished with naked time, he wants to wear underwear on the outside of his clothes.

Goobs like to put all of his toys that make noise in a circle and then push all the buttons at the same time and stand back and listen to the noise. Mommy is happy that he can entertain himself for 20 minute, but she is slowly being driven mad.

Goobs will run up to Mommy at random times during the day and say "do you want a kiss Mommy? Do you want a hug". He will then squeeze Mommy very hard around the neck while patting her ear and give her a very slobbery and completely delicious kiss square on the lips. It makes Mommy sigh every time.

Oh Goobs.

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