Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daddy's Guest Post 2

Day 1. Got Bean dropped off at school on time, and with everything he needed to have with him. Got everybody dressed and breakfasted. Even got some coffee. Feeling pretty good. While Bean is in school, Daddy and Goobs go to the grocery store. Goobs is pretty good to grocery shop with. if you lean down low over the cart, he will throw his long spidery arms around your neck and say things like "I love you Daddy, you're a nice Daddy, Daddy."

But, being Goobs, he's not completely above a little mischief. While weeling him through the produce section, (for, like, the fourth time, because Daddy goes through shopping lists in order, rather than reading through the list to get all the things in one area at one time, because Daddy doesn't know the store layout that well), Goobs reaches out a long spidery arm, and knocks a little carton of cherry tomatoes off the shelf. Wow, those things really roll well. Daddy starts to pick them up, and a grumpy looking produce clerk comes over and helps, which makes Daddy feel the need to apologize and lecture.

Daddy: (to Clerk) I'm, sorry, I'm sorry (to Goobs) Goobs, look at this mess, look what you did. Oh Goobs, that is not nice. Goobs that is naughty. That is bad Goobs.

Goobs: Soooorry Daaady. Promise I won't spill the tomatoes again.

So we finish cleaning up, and Daddy heads over to get some grapes. Daddy picks up a bag of grapes, and it is slightly unbalanced in his hand, and a big clump, together with a whole bunch of loose grapes fall out of the bag onto the floor. Wow, those things really roll well. So Daddy starts to clean those up. Luckily the clerk doesn't come this time.

Goobs: Hey Daddy, you spilled those grapes.

Daddy: Yes, I spilled the grapes.

Goobs: Hey Daddy, that's not nice. That's naughty Daddy. (Then, picking up the volume a little bit, craning his neck looking for a Clerk): Hey, Daddy spilled the grapes! Daddy spilled the grapes!


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