Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mommy's Trip

Mommy is taking a trip. In three days, Mommy leaves for a 12 day trip to Europe. First she will spend two blissful, peaceful, utterly British days in London, which Mommy is suspecting is  going to be her favorite city of all time. Then she will travel to Bath where she will meet her sister Beth, brother-in-law Jess, and her super-duper cute nephew Wills. They will spend three days in Bath, then drive to Dover where they will say goodbye to the UK and head to Beth and Jess's home in Heidelberg, Germany. Mommy will spend the remainder of her 12 days there in Germany visiting with her sister and squeezing her nephew. Daddy is taking those days off of work and will be home with the boys. Alone.

It is lunch time and Mommy and Daddy are discussing some details about her being gone.

Bean: "I'm so excited that I get you for 12 days Daddy. I get you all to myself. Aren't you excited. You get us for 12 days!"

Mommy: (Grinning from ear to ear because she is thinking that is is 12 days of complete freedom for her.) "He is excited. In fact Bean, just last night he was saying that he can't wait."

Daddy: (Gives Mommy a look. Mommy suspects he is beginning to wonder what it was that he agreed to now that the trip is just days away.) "Honestly Bean, I'm not sure if I am excited or scared. Maybe a little of both."

Goobs: "I promise to be good Daddy."

Mommy: (Sweet mischievous Goobs. Mommy grabs his hand and gives his cheek a little squeeze) "No, remember Goobs. I said that you have to be good, but not too good. Just be your usual self."

Goobs: "I will be just regular Goobs."

Mommy: "Yeah, just be regular Goobs. Just a little bit bad to keep Daddy on his toes." (Mommy winks at Daddy. He isn't smiling about it quite as much as he was a few weeks ago when Mommy made the same joke.)

Bean: "Mommy, we are going to be having so much fun we won't even miss you. Isn't that great!" (Bean is very, very excited about having Daddy home for 12 days.)

Daddy: "Well, I have a feeling that we are going to miss her. More than I first suspected."

Mommy: "Too late. Everything is bought and paid for. I'm going. I will try to miss you guys but I can't make any promises. I might just forget all about you while I drink tea, eat scones and think my thoughts - uninterrupted!"

Daddy: (Now picturing Mommy sitting in a London tea room, drinking tea, eating scones, reading a book by herself with no one climbing on her, asking her to wipe their bottoms, whining for more milk or seconds on dinner, no snotty noses to wipe with her napkin and being able to use real dishes from which she will eat real food instead of sloppy joe's off of tupperware plates. Daddy gets a very serious look on his face.)  "Just promise to come home."

Mommy: "I promise."

Daddy has agreed to guest post while Mommy is in Europe. Check back to see how things are going.

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  1. So excited for you!! I hope you have a super time!