Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New House

The Bean and Goobs gang have moved. Originally the plan was to move at the end of May, but some events occurred, as they often do when buying and selling a house, and the move got moved up by three weeks. So on Wednesday, Mommy found out that they had to move into the new house by Sunday. Did she panic? A little. Did she lose a significant amount of sleep trying to wrap her head around how it was all going to happen? Yes, she did. Thankfully, her in-laws responded to the call of distress and come to help with the move. They all managed to get it done.

Sunday evening, while Daddy was finishing up at the old house, Mommy fed Bean and Goobs a  nutritious meal of pizza and milk.

Mommy: "Well guys, this is our first official meal at the new house."

Goobs: "I like this house. Can we go home now?"

Mommy: "This is our home. We moved here. This is where we are going to live now."

Goobs: "No Mommy, I want to go to our reeeeeeeal home."

Mommy: (This is not going well) "This is it honey. Daddy is cleaning up at the old house and this is where we are going to live now."

Goobs thinks about this, shrugs his shoulders and continues eating his pizza.

Mommy looks over at Bean. His lip is quivering. He has also absorbed what Mommy said. Unfortunately for Mommy Bean has never just shrugged his shoulder and moved on. He begins to cry.

Mommy: "Oh honey, are you sad?"

Bean: "Yes Mommy, I'm going to miss our house. I loved that house."

Mommy: "I know honey, but we had to move to a new house in the city for Daddy's job. Don't worry. We are still close to all your friends. You are still going to the same preschool. It will be OK."

Bean: "But I didn't even get to say goodbye to the other house."

Mommy: "OK, how about we finish up dinner and then we will go over to the old house and say goodbye"

Goobs: "Yeah! We can go home!"

So they finish dinner. They head over to the old house. Goobs "helps" Daddy finishing loading the outside toys into the van by climbing in the van and taking his things out and putting them back in the garage.

Goobs: "I want to keep these things Daddy. Don't take them away."

Mommy leaves Daddy with Goobs to explain to him once again the concept of moving. She goes with Bean inside to say a proper goodbye.

Bean: Walks into the kitchen, his shoulders fall and he hangs his head. "Goodbye kitchen."

He makes his way through the house growing sadder with each room.

Bean: "Bye family room. I was nice knowin' ya. Bye dining room. Thanks for the meals. Bye living room. "

He makes his way upstairs.

Bean: "Bye bathroom. I did lots of toots and tinkles in here. Bye Mommy and Daddy's room. Bye Goobs' room. Bye my room."

And at this point the water works begin. In a moment of desperation, Mommy decides that bribery, the only tried and true parenting technique that has ever been full proof, will be perfect for this situation.

Mommy: "How about you go to Target with me tomorrow Bean because I have to get some things for the house. Maybe, just maybe, we can find a new toy there that might make the new house feel like home."

The tears stop immediately. Bean thinks long and hard.

Bean: "OK, I'm pretty sure that the new house needs a Lego Hero Factory. "

Mommy: Feeling very pleased that her little ploy worked, but again a little worried that her son's loyalties are so easily bought.  "Sure. I bet the new house would love that."

Bean: Takes Mommy's hand and starts to walk downstairs and outside "And then anytime I start to feel sad about the old house, we can just go to Target and buy a toy."

Mommy: "Um, no that's not quite how this works. One toy. One time. That's it. But nice try milking it."

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