Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Imaginary Family

Mommy, Bean and Goobs are riding in the car on the way home from the grocery store.

Bean: "Hey Goobs, when we get home let's play with John-Gee."

Mommy: "Who is John-Gee?"

Goobs: "He's my friend."

Mommy: (How cute, Goobs has an imaginary friend. Mommy loves her little creative boy) "Oh really. You have a friend named John-Gee?"

Goobs: "Yep, he lives in the wall."

Mommy: (Still cute, but a little creepy) "Your friend lives in the wall. How does he fit there?"

Goobs: "He's really, really tinsy. He lives there with this family."

Mommy: "His family huh? Who is his family?"

Goobs: "He has a brother named pizza."

Mommy: (Really cute, he named the brother after his favorite food. )"Oh, does he have a Mommy and a Daddy?"

Goobs: (Not one to give away too much information.) "Yep."

Mommy: "Kinda sounds like your family. What are John-Gee's  Mommy and Daddy's names?"

Goobs: "His Daddy is named Pew-Chi."

Mommy: "Wow, that's a cool name. Kinda sounds like a Jedi knight or something. What's his Mommy's name?

Goobs: (Mommy is expecting something cool here. The older brother was named after Goobs's favorite food and the Daddy's name sounds like some cool Jedi knight, she waits with baited breath for Goobs to reveal the name of this mother of his imaginary friend) "Her name is Poop-Box."

Mommy: "What!"

Goobs: (Bean is laughing in the back seat, Mommy glares at him. Goobs nods his head affirming his decision.) "Yep, her name is Poop-Box."

Mommy: "So you are saying that the mother of this imaginary family, which coincidentally is exactly the same as your family, this woman that no doubt feeds, bathes, soothes, and loves your friend John-Gee is named Poop-Box? That's the best you could do? Really?"

Goobs: "Yep. Poop-Box."

And there you have it. Poop-Box. Nice.

Goobs. Looks sweet doesn't he?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAA! Oh my gosh, I know I shouldn't laugh but that is SO funny! He is a little stinker! :)

  2. I laughed so hard! Hilarious!

  3. I just read this one out loud to Joe. We laughed so hard and I was crying! Can't wait to see your little guys again!