Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First for Everyone

Today is Bean's first day of Kindergarten. Bean is attending a small (2 classrooms per grade), Catholic elementary school. Basically, Mommy and Daddy chose this school for Bean because it would be a warm and nurturing environment with a great scholastic foundation.  Of course, that does nothing to ease Mommy's first day jitters. At 3:30 in the morning, Mommy's eyes shot open and she was unable to sleep because of the following irrational worries.

1. What if Bean has to go to the bathroom but doesn't ask. How horrible would it be for him to have an accident on his first day of school. Of course he hasn't had an accident in over 3 years, but really, it could happen. And then what if he gets lost on his way back from the bathroom, even though it is right across the hall from his classroom. Then he will be lost and surely someone will steal him.

2. What if he gets lost trying to find his classroom after Mommy drops him off. What if he never finds his classroom and he spends the day wondering the halls and then wandering outside, looking for Mommy, who has abandoned him. Of course the doors to the school remain locked at all times and there are many volunteer Moms who help the kids find their classrooms, but what if they don't see him and he gets lost and someone steals him.

3. What if he can't open the ziplock bag to get his strawberries out. Then he won't have any fruit for the day and then he won't be able to do a number 2 today and then he will be all constipated and sitting in his classroom tomorrow. Then he will have to spend more time in the bathroom and no one will notice and someone will be able to steal him.

4. Have to remember to put his name in his backpack. The school was very specific that everything needed to be labeled. If Mommy forgets, the school will think she neglectful and then they will try and take him away.

It went on like this until 6:00 am when Bean came into Mommy and Daddy's room and awoke them.

Bean: "Morning Mommy! I start school today. I'm so excited."

Mommy: (Her eyes are heavy from lack of sleep and her mind is still racing with terror as she prepares to send her first born off into the world unaccompanied and completely alone.) "I know! First day of school! Yeah! You are going to do great. " (Thinking to herself, 'can't show him my fear, can't show him my fear, can't show him my fear. Dear God I'm afraid')

Bean: "You go pack my lunch Mommy, I'm going to have breakfast with Daddy. Don't forget my strawberries"

Mommy: (Turns her back so Bean won't see her face as she remembers that somehow last night in her mind she decided that packing strawberries for Bean's lunch would result in him being stolen away from her) "Right, strawberries for lunch and grapes for snack."

Bean: "And don't forget a cheesestick."

Mommy: (Completely panicking now because she isn't sure if Bean is able to open a cheesestick wrapper himself) "Yep, one cheesestick, coming up."

By 6:30 in the morning, Mommy was a complete emotional basket case inside her head. When Bean was finally dropped off, he was confident and cheerful. Mommy's waved and smiled and said goodbye like it was just another day. Once she pulled out of the parking lot, the tears started and it only took 45 minutes for them to stop. When did he get so big? Good luck Bean. Happy first day of school.

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  1. Your words bring me smiles, Allison! :) Love your blog!! Robin